A huge repeated refrain we always here among writers, particularly, newer writers is "I feel I was destined to do this!" "I was driven to do this!" Or of course my favorite, "God has guided me to do this!" On that last one, I am pretty abivilant. I don't think God, him (or Her)self sits around worrying as to whether we are going to fulfill His(her) wishes in the Grand Design. I really feel there are a few more pressing things going on in the world than our own little hobbies or delusions.

I do feel we are all drawn to express ourselves in a number of ways. Some people cook, paint, write stories, poetry, take pictures, do crafts, etc. it is what makes us who we are creatively. And there are some who take those hobbies to higher and higher levels, sometimes actually as a main income, becoming stars, hit writers, etc. most of them feel they are driven to it too. I know that I do.

But it is another thing altogether to feel you are "annointed" to do this, and just listening to your mother who really likes you. The people who want to rachet it up to a business level, too often leap before they look and find themselves a LOT poorer, losing money, relationships, security, etc. I deal with a LOT of parents these days, all of whom seem to believe that THEIR son/daughter, is the next Justin or Taylor. A lot of times these "momangers and daddingers" are all looking more to the "retirement accounts" than they are for their children's welfare. And it is the same with people who are older and sometimes should know better. When it comes to the creative process, a lot of Common sense, goes right out the window. So in order to get a solid handle on where you or your signicant people are, do a few things:

#1. Get away from your friends/parents/grandparents/uncles/aunts/whatever's OPINIONS!!
They tend to think you are the greatest thing in the world and should pass EVERYONE ELSE IN LINE in order to go to the front of the AMERICAN IDOL/THE VOICE JUDGES!!!Slow down a little.

#2. Get involved in the LOCAL music scene. 
Too many people want to "Do not pass go, go directly to STAR" and come off to Nashville, New York, LA, and forget about all that little stuff. That "little stuff" is EXACTLY WHAT THE MUSIC BUSINESS IS. If you can't master that, you have NO CHANCE at the big stuff.
Find other people around you who are interested in the same things.
Search out:
Music Stores
Open Mics
Talent Shows
Writers nights
Open Stages
college courses and events
Hit or pro songwriters workshop, seminar,concert
House concerts
A local songwriters group.
Local or regional songwriters group.
Get involved with online groups. Google "Songwriter's Groups."

NSAI GROUP (NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL) this is the best worldwide. www.nashvillesongwriters.com

Just Plain Folks group.


Physically meet people. Facebook "friends' most of the time are shadowy at best. Don't depend on those people. Many are pure fantasy just to inflate numbers.

One of the best sites for open mics Nationwide is this one:    
He is based in Atlanta but monitors open mics and writers shows all over the US.

#4. Come to a Music Center. 
Gotta see the compition.

#5. Take an MAB tour. 
This is the best thing I know to do. That guy is the best and can really help you. and he's really cute too.Okay, not cute but fun.

Doing these five steps will put you into a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME.

Good luck,


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