Hello and happy spring to you all

Hello folks,

I had not realized that I have not put anything up here in a while. Social media is a funny thing and we are sometimes involved in so many different sites that I might forget about some that are right under my nose. Since I mostly respond to things people ask about or on other sites I see people talking about, I don't always talk about much. I am more interested in what you are doing and any way I might be able to help. But I also know that some of what I do, might help you in your journey.

A common thing I see among writers and artists are trying to find people who they can connect with. Social media has become THE mover and shaker when it comes to meeting people, but as we all know, that can often be a delicate proposition. You never know if that attractive, 24 year old great singer/songwriter you see the pictures and read comments on, is really some 50 year old perineal video gamer, sitting in his parents basement. Getting to the truth on the Internet is sometimes a really difficult equation.

But there are a lot of things out there. I always try to urge people to find local songwriting groups. There are open stage, open mic, and talent nights in almost every City, State, Town and Province in the world. Television shows like AMERICAN IDOL, THE VOICE, AMERICA (BRITIAN, AUSTRALIA....) GOT TALENT, have spurred enormous interest in people trying to shop their talents in the marketplace. There are approx. 30-60 million people out there trying to do some form of music. So they're out there. You just have to find them.

A Google, or some other search engine site of your area, might help you find a starting place. "SINGER-SONGWRITER NIGHTS OR OPEN STAGE", Even Karaoke nights can some results. They might not immediately lead you to that magic writing partner or producer, but they can give you a starting place. You have to get into the game and once in a while you just have to venture out.

You should have your own calling card. You need some songs of your own that you have written or even if you have sung or participated in helping someone else, can give someone else something to listen to.

Finding your place in all of this is challenging but can be done. As always, I am here to cheer you on.
Good writing,

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