***SOLD OUT*** IT'S A MAB WORLD - Individual songs are available for download

Marc-Alan Barnette

NEW! All songs co-written by MAB and a variety of talented songwriters. Performed by MAB. 1) BAREFEET (Frankie Ballard, Rene Meave) 2) ONE MOVE - duet with Bonnie Lee Panda (Bonnie Lee Panda, Allen Shervelle) 3) OUTLAW (Big Ed Moore) 4) ONE CHIP AT A TIME (Robby James) 5) BAMATIZED (Gary Cavanaugh, Cheryl Dean, David Hill) 6) THE HARD WAY (Scott Southworth) 7) OLD MEMORIES (Tom Becker) 8) CLEANING UP AROUND THE HOUSE (John Maison) 9) TRYING MY BEST TO LIVE (Norman Bradley, Allen Shervelle) 10) I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT (Jason Gregory) 11) WITH NOTHING ON (David Hills) 12) DADDY'S UPRIGHT BASS (Steve Harris, Greg Powers) 13) TABLES AND CHAIRS (Steven Fisher)

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