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Mind Coffee: A career made of 'in-your-face country soul'

Article by Shawn Ryan

As a songwriter today, the goal is pretty simple.

"You want to get the song that's in the singing fish on the wall at Christmas," Marc-Alan Barnette says, followed by a huge laugh.

He's only half-kidding. After 30 years in Nashville, he's written about 5,000 songs and landed cuts with Frankie Ballard, Shelby Lynne, David Ball, John Berry and others. None, though, have been popular enough to deserve the dulcet tones of Big Mouth Billy Bass.


START MAKING SENSE (Songwriter tunnel vision and how to avoid it)



This weeks guest on The A Side is Marc Alan Barnette. His band, 24 Karat, was chosen as the top band in the country in the 1984 Miller High Life battle of the bands out of 30,000 applicants. He now lives in Nashville where he has written or been a co-writer of over 3000 songs for himself and other artist. He spends most of his time now teaching the art of song writing to young and upcoming artist while still maintaining a presence as and artist himself.. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STORY.