I'm proud to share with you some of the videos created by my co-writers / studentsĀ as examples of songs written during their songwriting tours.

We spend a lot of time going through existing songs, identifying which ones are the best, identifying what is missing and what is appropriate for various situations. This helps to get attention while playing out at songwriters nights, open mics and in beginning to make demos. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

TABLES AND CHAIRS - Has become my signature song and touches all the hard working people out there. Writers - MAB, Steven J Fisher

NOT SO MERRY CHRISTMAS (HERE IN THE TRAILER PARK) - Fun video that is a crowd favorite all year long, with special guest star Gilly Dawg! Writers MAB, Julie Moriva

STANDING IN HER SHADOW - A Tribute to all our Mothers. Love this song! Video Produced by Stephen Clark. Writers MAB, Angie Jolyn Traughber, Mark Munroe

BAMATIZED - A tribute to my home state of Alabama, lots of groove and created in Gulf Shores- Produced by Stephen Clark - Writers MAB Gary Cavanaugh, Cheryl Dean

LIVE: Too Much Blood in My Alcohol Level - MAB with David Ball - Writers MAB, Wood Newton

LESS IS MORE - Telly Award Winning Video! Writers MAB, Allen Shervelle

Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level-David Ball Video - Writers MAB, Wood Newton

BAREFEET Video - Writers MAB, Frankie Ballard, Rene Meave

BAREFEET Video by Frankie Ballard - Writers MAB, Frankie Ballard, Rene Meave

Fantasy Football - By Southern Sirens - Writers MAB, Stacey Young

MY SECOND MOM - Writers MAB, Minnenberg

Grand Opening - Thom Bresh - Writers MAB, Ron Muir

SAVED BY SUPERMAN - Writers MAB, Allen Shervelle, Bonnie Lee Panda

RESONATE - Writers MAB, MJ Kroll