INTERNET LIVE, THE NEW NORMAL 

Hello everyone. Hope you are all safe at this time. The newest dimension that is now a fact of life for all of us in music are the LIVE PLATFORMS on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and all other Internet platforms. At this point for the past few week and on into the future are millions of artists, writers, are live video concerts, single songs, messages on internet, via, camera phone, computer, or video camera. AS social distancing has become a life and death situation, live venues have closed down, concerts are on hold, appointments and face to face interaction is off limits these days, this is becoming the rule rather than the exception. 

Musicians and artists are using this to their benefits connecting with people around the world, some recording live, some doing teleconferencing with their fans and business partners. The biggest stars in the world, Garth Brooks, Lady Ga Ga, most major stars, and all of the late night television shows, in fact, pretty much all news and programs are now being done from living rooms, bedrooms, music rooms, around the world. It's the fact of life for now, and probably going to be quite a bit in the future; There might come a day where it is more normal than large concerts. People get to see their favorite artists up close and personal and in many cases, get to talk to them direction through questions. Nothing could be more personal. 
Many are monetizing it through the sale of physical product, downloads or virtual tip jars and donations. It's doing well to keep many musicians alive who would otherwise have no income at all coming in. 

So this should be reinforcing something that all songwriters need to know and understand. Your music depends on AUDIENCES to go past what only you can do. It has to have listeners unless you want to be the best writer in your living room which is really happening now at any rate. This is also opportunities for finding collaborators and even finding artists. you wouldn't be able to "pitch songs" to the majors any more than you can now, but you can find the newer and up coming artists and start relationships there. It is the best of times and the worst of times. 

                                                                        MARC-ALAN MORNINS' 
Personally, I am using it to great effect in my own life. I have "MARC-ALAN MORNINS'" every Monday and Friday at 10:00 am CST. I do a variety of songs I have written, mostly with other people over my 30 plus years in Nashville. I've written with number one and top writers, hall of famers, Award winners, and legendary artists, as well as thousands of average individuals, artists, young and old, different races cultures, creeds. For 20 of those years I've been called on to be a TEACHER and MENTOR of songwriting, live performance. I have been using it to great success, namely in re-connecting with friends, relatives, many that I have not seen in decades, but also a variety of people across the world fans of my music, co-writers, other interested parties. It's had an interesting effect of reaching people I've never thought of. Hit writers who have heard of me or are friends of mine, hit producers, label people, publishers, are all tuning in and I am actually getting some pitches on songs, most I would have never gotten an opportunity to do.  

It's connecting me with people who might be candidates for my "Nashville songwriting tours" (private workshops) song critiques, songwriting lessons, and I am being contacted by all sorts of people privately. As they see the way I write my own songs and lead others through the process, they get a sense of who I am, and what I might be able to do in their own careers. Many writers and artists who have gone on to be successful in their own hometowns and regions have found what I teach useful in their own efforts. And many of those are going on to have their OWN live shows. It rising tide lifts all boats. 

My approach is to have THEMES of shows. Grouping songs in their subject matter, tone, approach. In each show I have an element of teaching as well as the songs themselves. 
I've had shows that deal with Collaboration, Humor songs, Songs of Faith, Transportation songs, R&B songs, and tomorrow's selections, "TRUTH IS BETTER THAN FICTION" songs written from real stories, personal relationships, and from the current headlines. I talk a bit about the process, how pro writers develop story lines, avoiding "second verse hell" and other stumbling blocks in songwriting. I also tell some real stories of hit makers, and things friends of mine have gone through in their way to the top. It's a lot of fun. 

For people who only know me from a distance in things I've written or blogged over the years, it provides a chance to actually SEE ME and helps me illustrate what I always talk about.  

I hope some of you might find it helpful and tune in. If you can see it LIVE, they are archived on my "MARC-ALAN BARNETTE" or "MARC-ALAN BARNETTE MUSIC" Pages on Facebook. IT would be an honor to hear from some of you and try to help you if possible. If nothing else, it's a way for us all to connect, hopefully take our minds off of the current state we all are in. 
I invite you to join me.  

Please take care of yourselves and good luck in your own efforts. 




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