Parents / Artist (performer and/or songwriter

Today’s music business can be exciting, scary and very expensive (if you aren’t careful). Everyone believes their child is special and ready to be the next American Idol or The Voice. And they just might be! Get a realistic evaluation from someone who started in the business at 14 years old and has experience working with younger artists who are aspiring performers and / or songwriters. I also invite and encourage the parents to be involved.

Plan on a six hour information-filled day tailored to you and your needs. Parents and participants learn about the benefits and hazards of today’s music business. Come prepared to learn and have fun. Some things we can focus on include:

Songwriting – review your existing songs and write a song together.
Recording – when, what and where to record, saving you time and money.
Performing – where to play and stepping out from karaoke to open nights and songwriter nights
Living in Nashville – whether you should move or not and how to be the best where you are

We can also take time to evaluate your videos, publicity packages, and conduct a performance review. If time and schedules permit, we can also attend a songwriter night. This is your day tailored and focused on you. But what good is all this without something you can use? At end of your day, you will leave with a wealth of knowledge, and more importantly a host of practical items you can apply immediately.

$25o (plus $50 per adult)
Contact me via email at  or phone (615) 417-7181
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