Performing Songwriters

As a performing songwriter, you have the wonderful, and sometimes scary, advantage of presenting your songs yourself. Your time will be tailored to your specific needs, with the goal of getting to the next level(s) in your performing and songwriting journey. Some of the things we can focus on are:

Stage Performance – how to get & keep the attention of the audience and present yourself and your songs in the best light, enunciation, pitch, pacing of material, etc. If your schedule permits, we can schedule you to play at a writers night (this needs to be specially requested in order to schedule),
Catalog – review your catalog, identify strengths / weaknesses, copywriting and develop set lists.
Songwriting – co-writing is very important. We can write a song to demonstrate the co-writing experience and / or add a song to your catalog.
Recording and Demos – when, what and where to record, saving you time and money.
Nashville – if you do not live in Nashville, how to leverage your talent in your hometown, while making the most of your trips to Music City.

We can also address other topics such as what producers and record labels look for, developing your fan base, using a band effectively, how real is Facebook, Reverbnation and other social media sites? It’s your day. If you are unsure what to ask, don’t worry. I’ll prompt you about topics that will get your thoughts focused and flowing.

Plan on a full day of learning that will advance you at least 5 years in one day, and go into the evening if you want to perform or attend a Nashville writers night. As a performing songwriter myself, be prepared for a lot of inside information that has practical application for you to begin using immediately. Not only will you learn, you’ll have a lot of fun. The best way to learn!

$250 per day
Contact me via email at  or phone (615) 417-7181
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