Taking a break. Notes to NEW ARTISTS

Thought I would break from the song diagramming to speak a moment to new (younger) artists. I constantly run into these people everywhere I go, their parents, grandparents, friends, co-writers, you name it. Everyone these days is trying to do music and many don't have any clue how to really proceed. So this blog is for some of you newcomers that might help you.

Being an artist.
In this day and age, almost everyone is an artist. They sing karaoke, they do talent shows, they have web sites, you tube, etc. They are everywhere. If you are going to do it, do it well. Try to represent yourself well. Remember there are four things to music:


These are some things TO DO!

#1. Write or find a LOT OF SONGS. Have a variety of things to work with.
#2. Get OUT THERE as much as possible. Perform when you can. Any where you can.
#3. Have a good online presence.
#4. BUILD A SOLID FAN BASE. (this is the most important thing you can do)
#5. Learn as much as you can from people around you. Find experience when you can.

These are things NOT to do.
#1. Don't put badly recorded demos or videos on your web site. Make sure you and your music is presented well.
#2. Don't try to go too fast. Everything takes a while. Expect it.
#3. Don't put your eggs in one basket.  Most of what you do will fail. Just a nature of the business. Keep a lot going on.
#4. Make EVERY performance the best you can do it. Rehearse a lot.
#5. Don't depend on others for things you can do. You are your own agent, manager, publsher, writer, roady, until you can get someone to take the job.

Keep your expectations realistic and acheivable. Take baby steps.

Good luck.

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